Plymouth to Roscoff Ferries

Famed for its picturesque harbour, the French town of Roscoff is a popular daytrip destination for those who live in the United Kingdom. Many people use cheap Ferry from Plymouth to Roscoff to explore Roscoff during the day, taking the time to wander along the harbour, enjoy a typically French lunch in a chic café and do a spot of shopping before exploring the rest of the Brittany region of France.

Cheap Ferry from Plymouth to Roscoff are run twice each day by Brittany Ferry. Visitors can either choose to take the day crossing, which takes around six hours, or the night crossing. While the overnight ferry crossing takes around eight hours, there are plenty of places to catch a little shuteye onboard the ferry, allowing passengers to arrive at Roscoff feeling fresh in the morning.

Plymouth ferry port has long been one of England’s most important shipping ports and visitors can set sail for a number of different destinations from here. This port has played a major role in maritime history and although it was heavily bombed during WWII, Plymouth port has been extensively rebuilt and modernized in recent years.

Roscoff’s port was established back in 1968 and is the gateway to all parts of Brittany. Passengers who set sail onboard cheap Ferry from Playmouth to Roscoff on the luxury Pont-Aven will be able to travel to destinations such as the Pink Granite Coast and the enchanting beach resorts of Concarneau in a mere matter of minutes.

However, cheap Ferry to France can also be used to reach a wide range of other popular destinations. Passengers travelling from the Irish city of Cork will be able to travel by ferry to Roscoff in just 14 hours, while other popular ferry crossings include Dover to Calais and Poole to Cherbourg.

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